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EV Charger Installation Vancouver

We go the extra mile on every project, and we want to be your EV charger installation specialist in Vancouver. Our expertise comes from our skill level in installing the fastest charging time EV chargers Vancouver as well as how much time we dedicate to studying up on this industry of ev charger installations so that you know an expert when you see one! You can rest assured that our certified installers and licensed electricians provide the highest quality charging solution and will put just as much effort into each of your projects.

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Electric Vehicle Charger
Residential EV Charger Installation Services

In a world without electricity, the modern society would crumble and we’d be left in darkness. The most precious resource of our time is electric energy which powers everything from transportation to heating homes.

A Level 1 charger is used to charge an electric vehicle at home. These chargers use the same socket a standard house outlet, so they are great for overnight charging.

Plug and unplug your car like you would a lamp. No need to worry about chargers installations with this Level 1 charger, because it plugs into the same socket as your home appliance! LV1 chargers come original with the new EV car and considered the slowest

Level 3 chargers provide seriously fast charging and can charge 80% of the battery in 30 minutes. They require industrial levels of power supply, so they are typically not installed at home for residential use.

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One of the first steps to getting your new electric vehicle off the lot is finding a place to plug in. Don’t wait until your next big sale – we have you covered! Our installation professionals can begin prepping for and installing a charger in your home, office, or business today. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that our team has everything needed for this one-of-a-kind service at an affordable price.

We are a local EV charger installation company Vancouver, committed to meeting your lifestyle needs. You can trust us with all of your residential and commercial electric vehicle charging station installations. Our team is on call 24/7. We’re confident our rates will be the best in town, without sacrificing quality.

We’re a leading installation service for electric vehicles in the Vancouver region with innovative, pioneering solutions for installing EV chargers. We offer both residential and commercial services since 1968 so you can get an EV charger installed at your home or business safly!


It’s a really good idea to install an electric car charger at your house or workplace. Especially since this can become the future of transportation throughout my favorite little town: Vancouver! You will be able to upgrade your car, add convenience with electricity, reduce emissions and save money on fuel costs. Plus, we’ll work with you so that installation is as painless as possible for you and our planet! Contact us today to get started on making sure that transitioning from gas cars has never been easier than it is now.


This family owned company has been providing top notch electrical service in the Vancouver area for the past 50 years.  We believe nothing will make you more satisfied than a job done right, from start to finish. From installing wiring and kitchen & house upgrades, to board upgrade systems and EV Chargers installation we got experience with it all.

About the company

If you own an electric vehicle in Vancouver, BC and want the convenience and safety of a residential EV charging station, speak with DS Clayton Electric Ltd. We offer a selection of the most advanced and high-performance charging systems available, and provide installation and service of Professional Residential Electric Vehicle (EVSE) power equipment installation in Vancouver.

EV Charger installation Vancouver

What is a EVSE charging device?

EVSE chargers provide electric power for recharging electric vehicles. Electric vehicle charging devices has three levels:
Level one charging device.
  • Supplied as standard with most electric vehicles and plugs into any normal three-pin socket. Although the Tier 1 charger does not require installation, it charges the vehicle batteries very slowly. Level 1 EV charger suitable for use at night, and may take 20 hours or longer to fully charge your car’s battery.
Level two charging device.
  • This more advanced EV charger requires its own dedicated 240-volt circuit that must be professionally installed in your garage. Level 2 chargers run much faster and charge an EV in approximately three hours. An increasing number of electric vehicle manufacturers now integrate a Tier 2 charger standard into every new car purchase.
Level three charging device.
  • It’s the stand-alone device that you see on public charging stations. It can add 250 km of battery life to an electric vehicle in approximately half an hour. However, besides being prohibitively costly, they have an industrial power that makes them unavailable to home owners. If you own or work in a commercial or industrial building in Vancouver, it is possible to set up a level 3 charger.

What kind of EV charger do you need in Vancouver?

This is a function of your driving habits. Many EV owners in Vancouver get by with the plug-in in their cars for a night recharge. But if you often need to charge your electric vehicle at midday, installing a level 2 charger is a wise investment.

EVSE Charger Station Installation

When you decide to set up a level 2 charger in your garage in Vancouver, this is what you can expect from DS Clayton Electric:

  • Complete inspection of all equipment in advance of installation.
  • Inspection of the location to ensure that the equipment is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Upgrades to the electrical system, including the new 40-amp and 240-volt AWG 8 cabling to support the faster Level 2 charger.
  • Your DS Clayton Electric licensed electrician will install your EV equipment according to all requirements of the National Electrical Code and local licenses/codes in British Columbia.
  • A start-up inspection was conducted to verify the proper operation of the equipment in its operational environment.
  • Complete EV information provided to the customer about the characteristics of the equipment, proper use, limitations, necessary maintenance and warranty conditions.


Our excellent experience in installing EV chargers.

DS Clayton Electric has completed over 3,000 EV charger installations in the Vancouver, BC Metro to date. Your local DS Clayton Electric provides a range of product solutions, including EV charging stations and circuit protection devices that affect all parts of the electric vehicle infrastructure installation process.

Ready to get a quote or book your EV charging system for your electric vehicle in Vancouver?  Schedule an appointment online or call the DS Clayton Electric today at (604) 394-2549.

Electric vehicle (EV) demand is on the rise worldwide, and Vancouver, British Columbia, is no exception.  Thanks to improved technology, increased availability and more widely available charging stations for EVs along the way, consumers and businesses that manage fleets of business vehicles put more electric vehicles in service every day. 

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, the demand for charging stations for EVSE electric cars and charging stations for business electric cars is also growing. 

In the following article, we’ll walk you through what you need to know about the EV charging installation service in Vancouver you’ll need to connect and recharge your EV safely and efficiently, at your home or business location in Vancouver.

Do not attempt to install an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) on your own. 

Like every electrical task you must have carried out at your home or in the office in Vancouver, it is very important to always rely on your licensed electrician like DS Clayton Electric to perform the installation job correctly, safely and in accordance with the applicable codes in British Columbia. 

Your electrician in Vancouver will have to check the wiring and ensure that you have the correct circuit installed to ensure a safe and efficient operation of the electric car charger. 

While this may appear more expensive up front, the service of installing the charging outlet of the electric vehicle in Vancouver offered by DS Clayton Electric will keep you, your house and your electric vehicle safe and avoid more costly issues in the future. 

As a matter of fact, the warranty for your electric car and the warranty for the electric car charger can be cancelled if the EVSE is not correctly installed by a certified electrician in the first place, then do not endanger your safety! .

While there are more and more EV charging stations in Vancouver, finding a free public station can be challenging when you need one. This is why it is important, if you are considering purchasing an electric car, to adjust the details of installing an electric car charging station at your Vancouver home in advance in particular for the car model you are considering buying. 

Once you have installed a reliable EV charger at home, you can ensure that most of your everyday electric car charging needs are met, reducing your dependency on outdoor options. 

We recommend that you inquire with your car dealership to find out what type of EV charger your objective EV car would do better with, because there are a lot of different models of electric car chargers in the market.  Actually, a lot of electric cars are now delivered with their original EV charger to purchase. 

For instance, if you are planning on getting a new Tesla, you will want to install an original Tesla EV charger.

Some of the other electric cars out there that you might be looking into include: .



Bear in mind that this list will continue to grow over time, and there will still be developments in electric car charger models as well. .

EV over 55,000$

(E-range 335 km)

(E-range 568 km)

(E-range 525 km)

(E-range 507 km)

(E-range 488 km)

(E-range 663 km)

(E-range 580 km)

(E-range 628 km)

(E-range 547 km)

(E-range 357 km)

(E-range 351 km)

(E-range 377 km)

(E-range 354 km)



(E-range 42 km)
(G-range 904 km)

(E-range 40 km)
(G- range 995 km)

(E-range 47 km)
(G-range 954 km)

(E-range 42 km)
(G-range 853 km)

(E-range 77 km)
(G-range 475 km)

(E-range 51 km)
(G-range 784 km)

(E-range 29 km)
(G-range 451 km)

(E-range 35 km)
(G-range 463 km)

(E-range 37 km)
(G-range 486 km)

(E-range 203 km)

(G-range 118 km)

PHEV over 55,00$

(E-range 29 km)
(G-range 512 km)

(E-range 35 km
(G-range 781 km)

(E-range 30 km)
(G-range 804 km)

(E-range 31 km)
(G-range 488 km)

(E-range 35 km)
(G-range 768 km)

(E-range 32 km)
(G-range 521 km)

(E-range 35 km)
(G-range 781 km)

(E-range 34 km)
(G-range 761 km)

(E-range 29 km)
(G-range 813 km)

(E-range 34 km)
(G-range 713 km)

(E-range 50 km)
(G-range 600 km)

(E-range 27 km)
(G-range 666 km)

(E-range 23 km)
(G-range 768 km)

(E-range 27 km)
(G-range 435 km)

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