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Ceiling Fan Installation service
We Are Metro Vancouver Leading Ceiling Fan Installations Services Provider

With the Summer Heat setting in, it is time to start thinking about how you can keep your home cool. Ceiling fan Installation is a great way of keeping things nice and breezy without breaking the bank as they have been shown to be an energy efficient option that also provides lasting beauty and upgrades the appearance of your home with its stylish design. The National Association of Home Builders has created a list outlining incredible benefits associated with having a ceiling fan installed:

They circulate air throughout the room, which helps reduce humidity levels during those hot days when windows need closed up tight

Ceiling Fans will help make any space look more spacious by evening out temperature differences between rooms

Having one brings character into every corner or square inch because these comes in a sleek and versatile design

Five benefits of having a Ceiling Fan


Ceiling fans are versatile, and with styles that suit any architectural design or decor style, you can find the perfect one-of-a-kind fan to fit your space. If you enjoy entertaining outside on your porch or pergola, ceiling fans may be just what you need when it’s hot outside to keep things cool. Or, if it gets chilly at night outside in the wintertime as well as indoors during cold winters, a ceiling fan will keep warm air inside where people happen to congregate like next to the fireplace or an electric heater.

Decorative Appeal

Ceiling fans more than just a means to keep you cool and comfortable during the summer months. They can also be hidden home décor that helps brighten up your room’s appearance with their sleek, contemporary designs and timeless styles. There are dozens of shapes and sizes to choose from, so call us today for more details about our newest line of ceiling fans!

Reliable Functionality

Ceiling fans are a classic and utilitarian choice that provides a great option when it comes to cooling down your room, while also providing you with an added sense of style. No placement is required as they fit all areas of the room: in front of bay windows, by steel fireplaces, on top the TV stand and more! Add elegant light into any space with our beautiful ceiling fans.

Lower Energy Costs

A ceiling fan is an easy and effective way to lower the temperature in your room because it creates a breeze that helps you feel 10F degrees cooler. Studies have shown that using a ceiling fan results in up to 40% savings on monthly electricity bills.

Maximize Airflow

Installing an Airflow Maximizing Ceiling Fan provides two benefits for the price of one. Cool off this summer and save money on winter heating by circulating warm air.

We are the leading provider of ceiling fan installation here in Metro Vancouver, and we offer a unique service that is unmatched by any other. All our certified installers have been trained to replace your broken fans with new Big Ass versions or even add them throughout your home for both beauty and functionality. Your old ceiling fan will never be missed again! Contact us today to schedule an appointment so you too can start enjoying modern life at its finest!

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